Robyn Lawley, Ralph Lauren’s Plus Size Model

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After a series of spectacular Photoshop fails, Ralph Lauren has decided to make right (by marketing standards, I imagine the brand has been slammed with all kinds of petitions and whatnots for their heavily distorted Photoshopped models) and hire a plus size model.

From where I stand, 23yo Robyn Lawley looks like a normal – sized woman, but I guess even that is a marketing stunt, as they chose a slimming angle, pose and outfit. However, you may remember Robyn from a previous modeling engagement, for Vogue Italia’s plus size issue – an image you can see after the jump. Do you think this should set an example for other fashion houses?

Robyn Lawley first plus size model from Ralph Lauren

Robyn Lawley plus size model from Ralph Lauren and Vogue Italia

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#1 Riana on 09.23.12 at 4:24 pm

Right, she looks like normal though very pretty lady to me as well. Plus size model? Duh!
Let’s hope it sets another example but to be honest just as with the Vogue Italia’s Black Issue I find it strange. Why? To me it’s like they point out differences again while this not necessary since we come in all colours and sizes….diversity is still the word. Period! It is about time in a globalized world right? As we say for quite some years everywhere……sighs…….

Ha, I keep a sharp eye at Dutch Vogue and wait for the next issue since our society is very diverse. If I see nothing of the kind change I am going to complain at their FB page ;)

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