Ralph Lauren’s Wimbledon Ball Boys And Girls Look Dull

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Wimbledon is not only the oldest tennis tournament and the most prestigious but also the only Grand Slam on grass court! Quite the particularities for the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club’s tennis tournament, wouldn’t you agree?

Even the general rules aren’t bent at Wimbledon: all the players must wear white. All white from head to toes! Although most of world’s tennis tournaments have long changed and forgotten the all-white-equipment, there’s not possible to get away without a warning on Wimbledon’s green grass court if your tennis getup is less than 90% white! But that rule doesn’t apply to the Ball Boys and Girls, though! For 9 years, the Wimbledon officials and Ball Boys and Girls are dressed by Ralph Lauren!

Wimbledon 2015 ball boys and girls

Yes, an American designer dressing the All England Lawn Tennis tournament personnel! It was unheard of until the 2006 Wimbledon Grand Slam. Tennis professionals and fashion professionals seem to agree that this is a positive style era for world’s most conservative tennis tournament. What will the future bring to Wimbledon, fashion wise it is yet to be announced (the current Ralph Lauren contract ends this year). But I admit that, despite the solid seal of approval, I can’t wait to see some change in the Ball Boys and Girls Wimbledon court uniforms!

Wimbledon ball boys and girls uniforms Ralph Laurent 2006 2014

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Going back and forth from green to blue and back has been subtle and sweet but there’s only so many years we can handle the same blue uniforms. Am I the only one feeling the need for the slightest change? For a quick taste of variation?
The green and blue Ralph Lauren ensembles and the Babolat Propulse tennis sneakers are all made available through the Wimbledon Shop as every year and they will continue to be part of their offer until next year’s tournament.

Wimbledon 2015 ball girls boys Babolat tennis shoes

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We all admire the grace, strength, precision and loyalty that ball boys and girls show on the Wimbledon courts – beyond the steep fashion issue (and the mighty $ contract), a grueling training and extreme preparations await the aspiring BBG! For the only 250 positions, 700 applicants enter the selection process for which they have been proposed by their very school teachers! The final sift-through is not definitive even in the 3 months preceding the actual tournament.

Wimbledon ball boys and girls Ralph Lauren Uniforms

Physical and theoretical training for the kids under 15 are much needed as they will have to be prepared for 12-hours long shifts during the Wimbledon Grand Slam tours! At the end, all Ball Boys and Girls get to keep their equipment, a 120-200GBP fee for their outstanding service and they also add a stellar detail to their resume ! Having worked on the Wimbledon courts during the tournament is something that will attest to the kids drive and focus in their future endeavors. And rightfully so – their training includes Military elements!

Wimbledon ball girls boys uniforms

From now on ,when you’re watching the Wimbledon tennis tournament matches, pay close attention to the Ball Boys and Girls as they’re loyally, seriously and unmissably serving the game! I wonder what the Mutua Spain Open ball girls have to say in their defense!

2015 Wimbledon ball boys and girls

2015 Wimbledon ball boys and girls complex Federer


#1 Adriana V on 07.07.15 at 4:36 pm

I always pay attention to these young people who have probably high hopes to be a star one day as well. Their outfits doesn’t bother me really. They look fine to me., it is not about them after all.
As for white for the tennis players, perhaps I am old fashioned, but I like the white dress code rule. Yes, I am fully aware that change is good, but sometimes I just love to keep a tradition. White dressed, tennis players on the green grass of Wimbledon is one of these traditions. :)

#2 kpriss on 07.10.15 at 2:14 am

True, it’s not about them, and I have the utmost admiration and respect for their training and the core values Wimbledon believes in and stands for! It’s by far my favorite tournament, although the harshest – the grass court is unforgiving during the first matches and even when the grass is gone, the court is unpredictable for the ball’s trajectory. A fabulous way to test the tennis players!

I just thought that even after all these years, Ralph Lauren still holds the contract although he provides the ball boys and girls with pretty much the same clothes tournament after tournament. Wouldn’t have been more suitable to buy the rights&patterns and make a Wimbledon-label equipment for the volunteers and the personnel making this Grand Slam the greatest of them all?

#3 Ellington on 07.11.15 at 2:10 pm

Yes Adriana is correct about the ball girls and ball boys outfits, but I must say that it was rather nifty to see something a little different at the French Open for the ball girls and boys. :)
Though one thing I cannot abide about Wimbledon is what they make the line judges and umpires wear! I just wish that they would give them clothes that fit them properly because they look ridiculous!
At least one of my faouvites made it thought to the final and won! :)

#4 kpriss on 07.13.15 at 7:31 am

Oh, the temperatures they had to endure in those outfits! they should’ve handed them a special medal for putting up with the ‘uniform’ and the heat! I know they were really happy about the new RL clothes when the contract started, I wonder how they feel about it now…

Yes, Congrats to Serena and Nole! They’re fantastic, exquisite professionals! Although I was a bit sad to see Federer miss so many times – I don’t think he made so many unforced errors during this year’s entire Tournament!

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