Acne Designs Bianchi Racing Bikes

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Acne is getting tired of clothes (and outrageous shoes) and goes into racing. Bicycling racing that is!

Teaming up with Bianchi and taking advantage of their 120 years of tradition in bikes, Acne fashioned up their bicycles. Adding two bright colors to the Bianchi palette (coral and yellow), Acne’s re-design is hardly noticeable. Maybe that’ll concentrate on the price tag. But who could afford a $2,000-$4,000 bike can add up for the fashion factor, right? They’d still be fashionably riding their bicycle without breaking the bank for the Beyond Chanel bike! (more pictures right after the jump!) (via)

Acne Bianchi racing bike yellow

Acne Bianchi racing bicycle pink

Acne Bianchi racing bike coral

Acne Bianchi racing bicycle coral

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