Nutritionist Juice To Slim You Down And Pump You Up

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Do you believe in magic? It’s a cheesy line, pretty hard to digest, especially when we’re talking diet while boosting your daily energy, in one simple slogan: drink Genesis Today juices!

Remember when we mentioned Marc Jacobs’ special diet and how much it has helped him go from the alarming stages of too – much – body – fat to taking off his clothes for almost every picture just to show how fit he is? Well, he also mentioned a doctor was responsible for this entire process: Dr. Lindsey Duncan. He’s no stranger to the stars (having guided Demi Moore and Sharon Stone through the magic process of good eating/drinking) so he decided to make a business out of it. For the rest of us, mere mortals, to have a chance at detoxing and boosting just like every other star out there.

So do these Liquid Supplements actually work? You are the only one who can tell. If you decide to try them out, wave out to us and share your experience. Good or bad. First of all please carefully note that there is no magic solution to slim you down and make your energy full. Starbucks included. Now tell me what you really think about this kind of dietary solutions! (Genesis Today via)

Nutritionist Juice Genesis today

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