Sacred Virgin Mary Dressed In Louis Vuitton

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The cliché is obvious: the Devil wears Prada. Now the Virgin Mary wears Louis Vuitton. It’s not meant to be blasphemous, far from it, actually! The author, Francesco De Molfetta created this statue for a special exhibition of sacred art held in Isola del Gran Sasso, Abruzzo, Italy.

Meant to highlight the new sacred cults of our culture/society and its search for “ephemeral happiness”, Virgin Mary dressed in a Louis Vuitton monogrammed veil could either send shivers down your spine and make you reflect on what’s really important or you could just close your eyes, shake the vision off of your retina and move on. Aren’t we all, in the end? (VT via tJb, more about Francesco De Molfetta here)

Francesco de Molfetta Louis Vuitton Virgin Mary statue

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