Madonna’s Miu Miu Fall Winter 2010 2011 Ad Campaign Video

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The other day we were talking about Guy Ritchie and his cinematically acclaimed performances. I wonder if it’s just one of those coincidences or her Madgesty really has people turning every bit and bob of the interwebs for news possibly related to her and her familia. Paranoid much?

How do you explain Madonna’s sudden fash directorial debut? Caprice de star? I would definitely say so. But the truth is, the Miu Miu Fall Winter 2010 2011 Ad Campaign gets pretty highlighted because of that! Said to be actually contracted to do the job, Mert and Marcus, were in the middle of shooting the Miu Miu film when, accidentally, Madonna walked in.

Surprise! And because she doesn’t have anything better to do with her time (and because nobody can refuse her Madgesty), Madonna offered to do the Miu Miu job herself, pro bono. So she took the camera and rolled away! And this is what we have: (doesn’t it feel like a music video?)

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#1 Forrest Griffin rules on 08.26.10 at 7:41 pm

Can’t believe it’s taken her so long to work as a director given how much she likes to boss others about! Looking forward to seeing her film “W.E.” starring Abbie Cornish.

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