Daisy Lowe’s Style Confessions

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It’s been a while since we last mentioned Daisy Lowe. How about if we caught up with that Lowe-hiatus and watch an entire video with her talking about her style? It’ll only take 4 minutes and change. What she could have had to say for an entire 4 minutes video? Watch and hear for yourself!

All I’ll say is that I’ve pretty much had it with enfants terribles, children of someone famous who climb up the ladder just because of that someone famous in their pedigree. Anyone truly original out there? Who’s becoming noteworthy on its own merit? (via)

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#1 AJGinger on 08.10.10 at 9:25 am

I wore (one of my few pairs) nice comfy Palladiums this summer and someone said: “You can’t wear these anymore”. I looked at her and asked why not? So 90’s…….lol, and listen to this London IT-girl. Unconscious of the fact that I was ‘very original’. Daisy says so. ;) So they’re back in fashion?
Lovely house to renovate by the way, what a waste!

I’ve enough of the celeb off-spring since quite some time. Now if they only were really enfants-terrible okay, but they aren’t. They are just spoilt brats and I can not find one who’s truly outstanding.

Oh wait, there’s actually one. It’s David Bowie’s son Duncan Jones. No he’s since ages not Zowie Bowie anymore. He has become an interesting writer and director. He won this year a Bafta as Outstanding Debut for his film ‘Moon’. A very normal looking guy too. Is he the real enfant terrible here in a good way?

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