Crystal Renn And Baptiste For Chanel Reopening September 2010

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Have you seen the latest IT model around? They may trick you into believing she’s a full – figure model, but we’ve seen better and we know better. Crystal Renn used to be this very proud plus sized model until the Kaiser came along and with him the blurring fame.

The result? Crystal began looking slender and thinner. All in the name of fashion and exercise. Alongside Crystal, there’s, biensur, Baptiste Giabiconi. Both photographed for Chanel’s grand reopening on Spring Street, this very September 2010. How do you like your new, trendy, heavily fash-courted Crystal? (via)

Crystal Renn Baptiste Giabiconi Chanel reopening ad


#1 Astrid on 08.25.10 at 2:48 am

A bit sad she doesn’t have a fuller figure anymore, she was making a statement!
– she may have been making it because she couldn’t be bothered to excercise though… in which case we’re all making a statement.

#2 Adriana on 08.25.10 at 4:20 pm

Reminds on once curvy Sophie Dahl……..

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