Giorgio Armani’s Acqua Di Gioia Campaign

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Because it’s a known fact that beauties live in Amazonian forests and only wash themselves when it rains, Giorgio Armani expressed his admiration for this universal truth in a wonderful new ad campaign for his Acqua Di Gioia perfume.

As opposed to that known study where his Acqua di Gio for men was a leading as one of the world’s loaded with dangerous chemicals perfume, Acqua di Gioia, the perfume for women is yet to be analyzed. Until then, let’s all dream about Amazonian forests, hidden beauties in its dark deep bushes, blue trees and the joy of taking a bath in the rain and then in the ocean! If you want to wake up, there’s the behind-the-scenes reality video right after the jump! (maybe if they had used Megan Fox for this campaign too and not Emily DiDonato, a true Megan clone, it would’ve been more effective?) (via)

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