Where To For The Club Night Out?

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There’s so much to do and so little time in a club night out! Where to go, what to put on, so many questions!

I’ll do my best to lend you a helping hand and point you in the right direction. The most stylish place to go to for a club night out, the uber fashionable, the club of the moment, well, without further ado, here’s Spirito Martini! The Church turned into a Club. How’s that for Saturday night out? (click through to see more images from this impressive project!)

Church Club Brussels Spirito Martini

The Spirito Martini nightclub is located in Belgium, Brussels to be more specific and it was designed by the Puresang design team for entrepreneur Francesco Ravo. Completed in December 2009, the new cult place looks luxuriously decadent.

Church Club Brussels interior tables

As the photos by Mark Groeneveld prove it, some architectural elements of what once was an Anglican Church are still there for the delight of the customers, no doubt about it. However, significant changes have been made to create the luxurious feeling (decorative metallic golden leaves appliqué on wood pieces, mirrors and special illumination have been set to enhance the mystery and the uniqueness of the design). Wouldn’t you (at least out of curiosity) like to enjoy a club night out in this church… ahem club? (via)

Church Club Brussels bar surroundings

Church Club Brussels bar

Church Club Brussels details

Church Club Brussels Spirito Martini details

Church Club Brussels brick hall

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