Melissa’s Numa Lovefoxxx Rat Sandals

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No further than last week, I was completely in awe about a certain Melissa collaboration. You might remember the strange ankle boots turning into sandals made in collaboration with the Italian architect Gaetano Pesce we talked about just before the weekend.

Well this one it’s again about Melissa. Only it’s not the same overwhelming aesthetic pleasure, it’s more like an eyebrow raising situation. A new sandals design is available from Melissa, made in collaboration with Lovefoxxx (a Brazilian singer from the band CSS Lovefoxxx who’s currently concentrating on her singing career but is a fashion designer by formation). Now where’s the trouble? The sandals, as magnificent as they may look, have a rat attached to them. Yep, a black tiny rat at your feet. All the time! Isn’t that something? (via)

Melissa Lovefoxxx Sandals

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#1 Marcelo on 06.21.10 at 1:34 pm

Melissa is launching a line for men; it’s called M Zero or something. I wonder weather this is news in USA or Europe, because in Brazil it is.

They seem to add something else to a look, but I’m done with synthetic footwear and suchlike.

In Brazil, famous (and pretty expensive) men footwear is manufactured by surfwear brand Osklen. The most famous item is called Arpoador (Harpooner, literally), which can be bought by R$350 (US$200). I can’t deny they’re adorable.

Some other shoe labels that make success among youth is Lacoste, whose shoes are worth US$200, US$250; Nike Shox, Adidas, Puma.

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