Christopher Kane Is All About Flowers For 2010

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If last year’s gorilla prints are still high in your praise and you feel that it’s still a must wear, you should read the following. Christopher Kane’s gorilla prints are sooooo last season!

This year, Christopher Kane is still going strong in prints, only this time, he’s gone all floral. Which really contrasts with the wilderness and the power of a once it-print screaming gorilla. Which you can wear anyway, if you care less about the trends and more about the statements. I guess we won’t be seeing Rihanna wearing orchid dresses any time soon, eh? (Christopher Kane dresses are available here for $860)

Christopher Kane Flower print dress


#1 deka on 06.21.10 at 2:07 pm

first noticed kane because of the screaming gorilla, but i like this floral dress too!

#2 jahanara on 08.15.10 at 4:46 am

I love these floral prints

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