Fortnight Lingerie Super Sexy CPR Ad Campaign

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I’m positive I would not have heard about Fortnight Lingerie if it wasn’t for the Super Sexy CPR Ad Campaign they’ve put together to highlight their Spring Summer 2010 collection. And even so, I’m ever-so-curious what their target really is, for having created such advertising concept! You can check out the video right after the jump and have your say!

Fortnight lingerie is a Canadian lingerie brand with handmade pieces, discrete and versatile designs. Not wanting to narrow sizes down to the traditional system (34-38, A-D), Fortnight lingerie aims to be an actual fit for most women bodies out there. (the story continues right after the jump with more images and a video!)

Fortnight lingerie Super Sexy CPR Ad Campaign

super sexy cpr

It’s daylight clear that the pieces, though vintage-looking, go beyond the traditional lingerie shape and form. But do they also feel as comfortable as they’re aiming and claiming to be? Would you wear Fortnight lingerie? (you can also check out the Fortnight website here and the ad campaign’s website here)

Fortnight lingerie Spring Summer 2010

Fortnight lingerie Spring Summer 2010 collection

fortnight lingerie spring summer 2010 collection 2

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