Leona Lewis Does InStyle June 2010

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We’re talking about June magazines issues. I can hardly believe that Summer is right here, after all that (cold) long waiting! InStyle magazine’s June 2010 issue (the UK edition) has Leona Lewis as their main story.

After seeing Jennifer Lopez and her diplomatic ways in June’s Marie Claire, we now have Leona Lewis to represent the strong minded camp. Vegetarian and highly involved in animal rights pro causes, Leona Lewis doesn’t make a secret out of her convictions. And that both good and bad. (the story continues right after the jump with more images, click here for the gallery!)

Leona Lewis InStyle June 2010 cover

The bright side is that charming Leona lets us in on her fashion designing plans (vegetarian clothing range a l’horizon) and that she won’t consider taking her clothes off for a photo shoot even if she admires Madonna. Then again:

Leona won’t wear fur or leather or even feathers and the only time she can ever remember getting angry with someone was when they tried to give her a business card so they could sort her out a fur coat.
Recently, she told off the Brits organizers for including cruelly sourced foie gras on the menu for the event (they took it off). She also turned down a cool million to open the Harrods sale because it sells fur. “I really believe in standing up for what you believe in,” she says, shrugging.

Which attitude you like best? Jennifer Lopez’ slippery diplomacy or Leona Lewis’ strong minded activism? (as highlighted in InStyle UK)

Leona Lewis InStyle June 2010

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#1 Margareta Belle Jeanne on 05.07.10 at 8:41 pm

It’s great that she stands up for her beliefs that way. I can’t say I would be able to turn down a million quid over a fur issue.

#2 Ellington on 05.07.10 at 8:51 pm

She has a lovely singing voice and I admire her for believing and staying true to her principles.

#3 Margareta Belle Jeanne on 05.07.10 at 9:01 pm

I suppose she could have opened the sale and then openly donated the money to an animal charity?

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