Lady Gaga Has Sting’s Blessing

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This is one image I would have never ever hoped, dreamed to see. I’m not a huge fan of Sting. He has his musical moments, but I’m not 100% into it. However, the man is a (musical) legend.

Seeing him and Lady Gaga on the same stage, together, makes it odd enough without the forehead kiss to add absolute oddness. I just hope it was all for marketing. For the cause – the concert was dated May 13, 2010, Carnegie Hall – the Almay Concert to Celebrate the Rainforest Fund’s 21st Birthday. Gaga? On the same stage as Shirley Bassey? Elton John? Bruce Springsteen? (oh, what a world we live in!) (photos via)

Lady Gaga Sting concert

Lady Gaga Sting charity concert

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#1 Adriana on 05.17.10 at 8:25 am

Brrrrrrr…..Sting and Trudy and their many mansions and staff! How much of the rainforest has end up in these places?

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