Farmville Lingerie: Rice Bra By Triumph

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The day they’ll make Farmville -inspired Lingerie, I’m sure they’ll consider this model as part of the collection. Triumph’s unique bra is meant to illustrate the Japanese cultural realities and this year it’s all about farming.

Triumph’s Grow Your Own Rice Bra is made of two halves of a pot in which you can put soil and seed rice. The bra comes with a hose tied around the wearer’s waist. The hose can be tied to a tap to water the plants anytime, anywhere. Rice test tubes are also attached to the hose – you can put soil and rice seeds in the test tubes and see what you can get before taking the seeds to the upper level, in the rice bra. It’s a mad, mad world, I’m telling you! Now excuse me while I go harvest my Farmville plots! I’ll be back in no time! (via)

Grow your own Rice bra Triumph

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