Dare To Wear De La Rue Shoes Spring Summer 2010!

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I was actually looking for a new shape of flat sandal that could steal my heart and put it where my feet are! I was usually the Gap type (and I still am but changing shoes never hurt anyone, if they’re comfy) and loved anything with a strap between my toes. Until now!

These beauties found their way to my Inbox before I found them! De La Rue Shoes were made by Leticia Calvo Treffot in her quest to make fashion while being ecoconscious. And by the looks of these shoes, she really nailed it! De la Rue Shoes come with a simple line, a joyful look and a conquering simplicity for the Spring Summer 2010 season! (the story continues with more images right after the jump!)

De la Rue Sandals Spring Summer 2010 silver detail

De la Rue Sandals Spring Summer 2010 silver

She wasn’t a designer all her life so she started out just like every one of us: like a consumer. In the same time she felt she could do something creative and significant for the fashionistas with a heart for the environment. Which is a pretty courageous thinking these days. And you know what? She made it! Those beauties you’re looking at right now? The soles? They’re made of hand-cut old tires!

De la Rue Sandals Spring Summer 2010 colored

I admit I feel a bit curious about those straps coming round the foot, however, I have no doubts the soles feel magically comfy! Which is something vital in a shoe, especially if you’re having issues with your back bones as I tend to… To wrap things up before I get all nasty on my credit card: thank you for reaching out to me, de la Rue shoes really touched my heart and I do hope you make it big out there! (if you’ve been starstruck, like I’ve been, the sandals are available for $135 here and you can also reach them on their Facebook page here)

De la Rue Sandals Spring Summer 2010 colored soles

De la Rue Sandals Spring Summer 2010 collection colored


#1 Adriana on 05.04.10 at 8:23 am

Sorry, if I disturb your dreamy mood here on this lovely site but with the mayor oil-disaster in mind and my heart that goes out to all creatures that are attached it’s a bit of softener to find these sandals.
They are nice and the message is right. Hopefully the footbed is good and they do not slip from the feet. I bet everyone have had once that experience in life: one of your feet is one step further than you slippery sandal?
Great to wear them around the house in hot summer.

#2 Ellington on 05.04.10 at 1:11 pm

These are simple, pretty and cute. A bit of summer fun. :)

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