Calvin Klein’s Beauty For Women In Their 40s

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The welcoming committee for Calvin Klein’s latest fragranceBeauty, we talked about it just the other day – was so harsh and cold that Calvin Klein spokespersons had to issue some kind of apologetic explanations regarding the above-mentioned perfume.

Not only they said it was meant for the self assured and secure woman, but they also specified her age: the 40s. They should’ve let Diane work her magic instead, that much talk will most certainly face more criticism (Diane Kruger herself is 33-year-old woman), wouldn’t you say? (via)

Calvin Klein Beauty perfume bottle

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#1 Adriana on 05.21.10 at 6:19 am

CK should fire the “mad man” who came up with this nonsense! I wish I didn’t knew that since I love the bottle and Diane. Next week I’ve to pay a visit to my perfumery. Hmm, see what age this smells…..?

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