L’Officiel Goes For Cindy Crawford Forever

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After witnessing a rather de-clothed Kate Moss in Vogue Hommes International’s Kate Forever, here’s the super-replica: Cindy Crawford covers L’Officiel de la Couture et de la Mode.

Hidden inside, Cindy Crawford‘s pictorial “Cindy Forever” is all decent, almost too dark, serious and conservative for a spring issue. That’s why I think fashion can still happen even with all your clothes on and without having to portray Gaga at all costs. (am I getting old?) (more images right after the jump, click here for the gallery!) (photos tfs via fgr)

Cindy Crawford L Officiel cover

Cindy Crawford L Officiel

Cindy Crawford L Officiel spring 2010

Cindy Crawford L Officiel 2010

Cindy Crawford L Officiel 1 Cindy Crawford L Officiel 2 Cindy Crawford L Officiel 3


#1 Adriana on 04.01.10 at 6:41 am

Look at that sexy mamma! Okay, that’s a real nice view. Some mothers and all other women above 30/35 should stop saying: “I’m getting old”! ASAP! That’s not okay. Plus it’s not true. It’s a media thing which has to stop. We end up in the dark ages if we go on like this. I was a very wild child so to speak. But I wasn’t pantless or dress to shock every single day like Gaga. I hope to live the day to know if Gaga has the longevity as the beautiful woman Cindy is.

#2 Ellington on 04.02.10 at 8:09 am

Very niftly put Adriana! :)
Cindy is one of my all time favourites and she looks fabu here like she usually does. :)

#3 Daydreamer on 04.04.10 at 2:32 am

Nothing is wrong with Cindy but those font colors are awful.

#4 Rob Schneider rules on 04.05.10 at 8:04 pm

It’d be nice to see her break into a full-blown smile.

#5 Adriana on 04.06.10 at 6:30 am

It would be nice to see models laugh (again) in general. I’m sick of their emo faces. Some models like Doutzen, Coco Rocha and also Cindy (as examples) have the greatest smiles! :)
But ah well, I bet the reason is “it take away attention from the clothes”……

#6 Daydreamer on 04.06.10 at 6:53 am

I think it all depends on theme and concept of the set and the vibes of the collection. I love seeing models smile and happy but sometimes it’s a little off when comes such dark theme. That’s why I love VS runway show. They are all happy.

#7 Adriana on 04.06.10 at 7:23 am

Argh, I just found out that Cindy has a designed a shoe line for Van Haren. The most terrible cheap-ish shoe-shop around. Is it a world wide chain by the way? Since it’s Dutch by origin.
As a kid I had to wear these cheap, ugly shoes because we were poor and I screamed and cried like hell and didn’t want to go outside on those shoes….my poor mamma……and today her daughter is still disgust by the “designs”…….:((

#8 Daydreamer on 04.06.10 at 7:30 am

I’ve never heard of it. So I looked it up and found out it is kinda like Payless. Somes are cutely designed but gosh the material look just so cheap.

#9 Adriana on 04.06.10 at 7:56 am

Hi Daydreamer.:) Yes, the material gives one sweaty feet! I must have had a sort of good taste as a little girl.
God, I feel so guilty towards my mamma typing this…..:((

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