We Should All Walk In Kenneth Cole 9 2 5 Shoes!

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You know how the shoe frenzy gets to you? You don’t? Neither do I! The shoe frenzy just gets to you and that’s the end of it! You have to get new shoes! Sandals, boots, flip flops, wedges, it simply doesn’t matter as long as you’ll have a new addition to your shoe wardrobe!

But get this: with Kenneth Cole’s 9 2 5 (nine to five) shoes it does matter! Because you’ve never felt shoes like this before (dixit the campaign). Let me show you a section through Kenneth Cole’s 9 2 5 shoes, then click through to discover more! It all sounds to promising!

Kenneth Cole Nine to Five section

Everything you see in that picture is in Kenneth Cole’s 9 2 5 shoes: starting from the nylon heel lift with heel cradle, the soft rubber sole, the embedded cork layer, the bond cellulose layer, the 2 mm Poron foam layer, the 3mm Poron memory foam layer, the flaxseed pillow and the breathable sheepskin lining. It’s all there to make our feet life easier. Tried them already? (KC via NC)

Kenneth Cole Nine to Five

Kenneth Cole Nine to Five black shoes

Kenneth Cole Nine to Five stiletto

Kenneth Cole Nine to Five booties


#1 Adriana on 03.03.10 at 4:15 am

Well, I tend to believe this since I still own two pair of Kenneth Cole shoes (one pair are calve high boots) and I got to work on them, did my grocery shoppings and got out in the evening on the same shoes. And they’re still in perfect shape. No, Kenneth Cole doesn’t pay me to write here that I still love his footwear after 18 year!!! And therefore sometimes wear them if even they are so very much two decades ago? Pfff…..don’t care….

#2 Ellington on 03.05.10 at 11:17 pm

As long as you love them Adriana, that is all that matters! :)
I like his footwear too.

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