The Outnet’s Downtown French Cool Specials

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How many times have we tried to decipher and remake that je ne sais quoi defining the French women chic? One too many and still we’re far from nailing it!

This time, with a little help from the Outnet, we might be getting closer! Soft shades of grey, pink and beige, flowery dresses. Why not? After all, its all because we’re worth the downtown French cool too! (and again I’m falling for Zoe Tees jersey , bonus the Vanessa Bruno fringed silk dress! Which one’s your Outnet favorite? Maybe the IRO leather vest, skinny jeans, the Zoe Tees leggings, the Manoush flowery dress? just click through to see more!)

Zoe Tees jersey top

Vanessa Bruno pink fringe dress

Iro Leather vest

Iro skinny jeans Zoe Tees leggings

Manoush flower print dress


#1 Adriana on 03.02.10 at 9:17 am

The Zoe Tees jersey? That first one? I just LOVE it. I see myself in it. It’s made for me. *Drools*

#2 Ellington on 03.03.10 at 12:10 pm

I love that one too Adriana, it is way charming! :)

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