Rodarte For UNICEF Collection With Maggie Cheung

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Now for those of you feeling moody today and not really crunching Perry Como’s Papa Loves Mambo – I have something ready for you! Hot out of the oven (where I’m thinking of rolling in a Banana Tarte Tatin later on which I’m still negotiating with my Adored Husband whose Cinnamon Rolls favorites still lay around, freshly baked earlier today, but that’s another story altogether).

Rodarte worked on a charitable collection for UNICEF, with Swarovski Elements and Maggie Cheung. The four one of a kind designs were inspired by Maggie herself and her four movies (In The Mood For Love, Hero, Clean, Heroic Trio). The short movie below highlights Rodarte‘s unique collection under Wing Shya’s directives with music by Peter Kam. (they say each view of this short film donates HK1$ to the Unicef). (via)


#1 Ellington on 03.27.10 at 8:09 am

Maggie Cheung is mesmerizing. This short film is rather lovely to gaze at and I love the soundtrack it is rather haunting.
Nicely done for a good cause.

#2 Adriana on 03.28.10 at 7:10 am

Oh, the melancholy…….that soundtrack is indeed beautiful haunting. I love Maggie and her films. So I favorited this video. Couldn’t help myself: €1 = HK$10.37. Not that difficult for me to “donate” this.

Yummy, Banana Tarte Tatin and Cinnamon Rolls………:)

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