Who’s That Girl? Heidi Klum!

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Can you believe that’s Heidi Klum? At least that’s what the guys from Madame Tussaud’s Berlin say! There’s obviously something wrong with the jaw and the age of this particular wax figure. (click through to see more images and see if that looks like Heidi or not)

So who’s that girl, Heidi? (photos via)

Heidi Klum Wax figure Madame Tussauds Berlin

Heidi Klum Wax figure

Heidi Klum Wax


#1 Ellington on 01.28.10 at 10:05 am

They got the body right but the face looks off. The wax figure looks more like Heidi’s “sister” rather than Heidi herself.

#2 Adriana on 01.29.10 at 6:49 am

Ugly. This can be every regular blonde. I like the real Heid much better.
I’ve never ever been in a Madame Tussaud, I’ve never seen a wax celeb for real. I guess I never shall. And seeing those lines at Tussaud in Amsterdam, no thanks…..

#3 Daydreamer on 01.30.10 at 6:19 pm

Adriana, so have I. I just don’t like this wax figure. The face doesn’t look like Heidi at all. And I don’t her personality through the wax which is very important part of Heidi.

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