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I have a sincere and unabashed love for large bags, the least feminine, military looking bags like the ones below! I own a similar one we bought in Paris, from the prestigious head swirling Lafayette galleries (what can you do? I’m a simple girl and I like crowded places – there was no one chez Chanel so we went in a more popular store and bought the bag there! Joking – I’m not for tags and extravagant prices. I cherish comfort and the simple joys of life.)

Getting back to the bags! Behold: the Temple Holiday Collection, 2009! (the story continues right after the jump with more images and a video)

temple U Zip Duffle Bag

For the big sizes, there’s the Weekend Duffle Bag and the U-Zip Duffle Bag. Both looking gorgeous and made in limited editions, they’re available for $348 and $643 respectively. Made from re-purposed WWII camp/back packs, the bags feature natural canvas lining, useful pockets and vintage aroma.

Temple Weekend Duffle Bag

Your faithful laptop is not forgotten, there’s a bag made especially for that: for $263 you can have this little wonder made from re-purposed WWII field duffel bags with saddle leather upper and shoulder strap. There’s also the Medicine Bag, the great every day bag. Also made from WWII re-purposed field duffel bags with natural canvas lining and saddle leather upper, straps and trims, the Medicine Bag stock counts only 21 bags left at $592 each. Last but not least, the Christmas must: the Christmas Stocking stuffer! (comes with a stocking, Temple tagged) So what say you? (Temple Bags via DBB)

Temple Laptop Bag

Temple Bags Laptop Bag

Temple Bags Medicine Bag

Temple Christmas Stocking Stuffer

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#1 Ellington on 12.14.09 at 3:58 pm

I rather like the big messenger/portfolio bag and the first duffel travel bag. They are rather spiffy.
I too love large bags Kpriss, they hold my books which I can never seem to do without! :)

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