Elizabeth And James Spring Summer 2010 Collection

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Elizabeth and James is already established as a brand, but even so, it’s never too much to throw the Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen names into the game. At least for the fun of it!

So Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen’s Elizabeth and James fashion brand is pushing the Spring Summer 2010 lookbook forward. Just in case you needed to pay excessively much for a thrifted look! (the story continues right after the jump with more images; click here to see the gallery!)

Elizabeth and James Spring Summer 2010 collection

While I can embrace the socks-sandals trend with my eyes wide shut, there’s no way I can go for men-like socks with sandals. No. Will not. Cannot. Some of the clothing pieces (for women, at least) look interesting enough to take a long stare at.

Elizabeth and James Spring 2010 collection

Also, as a side note – wearing oversized clothing, about 2-4 sizes larger than your actual size is something I love doing every day. Oversized sweaters, tees, dresses – it doesn’t work out well for the pants, though – the pants have to be 2 sizes larger than your exact size (at least in the waist area) to make a decent look (remember Victoria Beckham’s boyfriend jeans? That’s the way!). How about it? Do you wear your clothes in xxxlarger than your size? If you, will you consider it? You have an extra Elizabeth and James reason to! (photos via)

Elizabeth and James Spring Summer 2010

Elizabeth and James Spring 2010 men 1

Elizabeth and James Spring 2010 men 2

Elizabeth and James Spring 2010 men 3


#1 Adriana on 12.10.09 at 6:09 am

I’ve once wore oversized clothes: in the 80’s. But so did we all right? The male clothes look inspired by a mix of grunge/60’s/geek look. The male models poses are also bit strange……so Kurt Cobain?

#2 Ravenhair on 10.15.10 at 6:47 am

I tend to wear oversize jeans as long as they are flares (I never quite grew up, I get told all the time that I do not need to dress my age anyway.) I wear tight with loos, loose with tight. In other word, Jeans that are 2 sizes larger with a tight shirt, or a large shirt with tight jeans. The shoes are always Candie’s in red. I have three different red pairs. Anyway, back on subject. The socks with sandals or heels look good as long as you are female and are not wearing toeless shoes. In the 80’s it was neon socks and Jellies, (thank goodness that is over) Most of these styles are great if you are rather leggy, (in my case storkish.) for women with shorter legs it would be better to go with something that elongates the legs. Mini skirts like those above might be okay with higher heels. The men look good, but I do not like skinny pants on the male form, they look too weird. Kurt Cobainish is cool in my books.

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