Avril Lavigne Wears Abbey Dawn Clothes And Chanel Sneakers

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If it wasn’t for Avril Lavigne, I would have kept my complete ignorance about Chanel doing Converse-like sneakers. Which makes total sense, every couture house should have a fair shot at taking down the 30 bucks-a-pair legend! Right?

I, like many of you, am a Converse girl. And I treasure comfort. Looks come in close second, most of the time and I can’t get the tag thing out of my head: these Chanel sneakers are only worthy because they have Chanel written big on’em. Would you place them higher than you would a regular Converse? (click through to see larger images) (photos via)

Black Chanel High top sneakers Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne Chanel sneakers

Avril Lavigne Abbey Dawn Chanel sneakers


#1 its worse on 12.16.09 at 9:32 am

$680 for them

#2 Adriana on 12.16.09 at 9:37 am

I also love Converse and don’t want that name on my feet for $680? Hahahahaha, what a joke…….right!

#3 s. on 12.16.09 at 10:16 am

For God’s sake! $680? I found quite expensive the ordinary Converse ( here they cost $80 more or less)!

#4 Ellington on 12.16.09 at 5:54 pm

Ahh no I would not!
Its Converse all the way for this chica! :)

#5 Daydreamer on 12.16.09 at 10:26 pm

I’d rather pay $680 for a pair of Loubs than this ridiculous pair of Chanel. I mean I can find a black converse and write the word down.

#6 cc on 12.31.09 at 1:01 am

Expensive casual style is so boss. I can’t afford designer but I love casual looks – some of my ‘best’ and favourite outfits consist of simple t shirts and jeans. I think the word CHANEL is writ too large but if I could afford these I’d never want to take them off. I’d remove them before taking a shower of course but I’d weep buckets while doing so.
Today I bit the bullet, stepped out of character and splashed out on a NZ$210 pair of 100% leather shoes which resemble Converse. It’s the most I’ve ever paid for a pair of shoes in my life. They also look like vintage boxing boots or baseball shoes. They are my pride and joy and I know that any day I wear them will be a good day

#7 cc on 12.31.09 at 1:10 am


why don’t I buy Converse? I don’t buy anything online, the shops here don’t stock my size and here EVERYBODY wears Converse. I want to be a bit more individual. Plus, in NZ everything is overpriced. They might be cheap in the US but here they’re considered a designer brand

#8 sapsation on 05.28.11 at 4:39 pm

Converse (chuck taylors) are overrated. These chanel sneakers are awesome, but only if you are rich, famous, and willing to shell out that much money for a pair of sneakers. For MOST of us trendy folks who want originality, with out sacrificing all of our hard earned money.. There are other alternatives such as ‘PF Flyers’ like the “sandlot edition” (black) or many other colorways. Very comftorble.. without spending much more then you would on a pair of cons. The ‘Posture Foundation’ has been around for a while and makes reputable sneakers, and luxury pairs made out of leather.

#9 Jay on 05.07.12 at 9:51 am

Where can I purchase these?

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