The GPS Lingerie. Wait, What?

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No, it’s not a joke and as bad as it sounds, you’ll have to take a closer look because it can get even worse!

I’m sure the idea is far from being a new one, but Lindelucy, a Brazilian lingerie company, made quite a collection out of it! Lingerie with GPS tracking devices called “Find me if you can”. (click though to see more from the collection plus a short video with the “fashion show”)

GPS Lingerie Sepala collection

Lindelucy, isn’t there some investing to do? If you really want to break into the GPS market, you’ll have to be far more subtle than that! Also: if you want people to actually buy your undies collection, it’ll have to be cleverly promoted/presented than that. For now, as appealing as it sounds, we’re GPS-safe! Oh, the horror of gadgets went wrong! (via)

GPS Lingerie Lindelucy ad

Lindelucy GPS Lingerie Sepala collection

Lindelucy GPS Lingerie black

Lindelucy GPS Lingerie

GPS Lingerie black

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