Lady Gaga By Hedi Slimane

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While the world seems to revolve around Gaga’s new Bad Romance video, I hereby protest against the praising and the amazement this above mentioned music video spawned in every single fash-style-gossip adorer out there.

I was impressed with the video. In a bad way. So I won’t go about it, I’ll go about art. The Gaga kind of art. Photographed by Hedi Slimane this time, Gaga looks fierce. But acceptable. Artsy but easy to stomach. She’s not burning, she’s not electrocuting anybody, she’s not poisoned et caetera. What say you? (have you seen the Bad R video? If not, you can watch it here – only 3,6 million hits in 2 days!) (NF via FC)

Lady Gaga Dance In The Dark

Lady Gaga Alejandro Hedi Slimane

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#1 Adriana on 11.12.09 at 8:14 am

Gosh, she looks very much like her real self on the second photo! Despite the “accessories and nip/tucks”!!
I really wonder ladies how long people will be interested with such an overexposure in this woman. I hum along when she’s on the radio, her music isn’t that bad at all but I don’t have to see her ALL the time…..I’ve complaint yet about my OD didn’t I?

Sorry it’s so off topic, I just NEED to share it: I’m totally nuts about Slash’ version of Paradise City with Fergie and Cypress Hill. The 2009 version is awesome. Fergie rocks, my, my! GnR fans are mad not this one though, I love, love, love it! (See YouTube!)

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