Doutzen Kroes For Victoria’s Secret 2009 Fashion Show

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The very pretty blond head Doutzen Kroes looks like she really earned her wings last night! She looks like an angel! I dare you to say she doesn’t! (click through to convince yourself!)

She’s so ethereally beautiful, she just takes your breath away! It’s good to see some healthy looking models up there on the catwalk, isn’t it? Someone who looks radiant and womanly with just the right shapes in all the right places! I’ve been missing Doutzen. She’s the angelic version of recently praised Lara Stone! I wonder if Lara will ever be on Victoria’s Secret catwalk… (hope not, she’s frowning too much – have you seen a single angry model in Victoria’s Secret 2009 Fashion Show? One?) (photos via)

Doutzen Kroes Victoria s Secret 2009 fashion show

Doutzen Kroes Victoria s Secret backstage

Doutzen Kroes Victoria s Secret 2009 show 1 Doutzen Kroes Victoria s Secret 2009 show 2 Doutzen Kroes Victoria s Secret 2009 show 3


#1 Adriana on 11.20.09 at 9:10 am

Ha, there she is! Well, she’s not exactly an “angel” luckily not! Doutzen is still very down to earth. But so beautiful and such a nice girl. I wish you could her speak in her own language, Fries the language of the region she’s from. She speaks Dutch with that accent although it disappears a bit due to speaking English a lot?
Dutch pride she is! :)

#2 Ellington on 11.20.09 at 5:18 pm

She is lovely. I don’t think that they are allowed to not smile.

#3 Gaines-Temp on 11.23.09 at 5:46 am

Wow, she looks amazing!

#4 Daydreamer on 11.28.09 at 5:46 am

I always like Doutzen. She looks so healthy and happy.

#5 Road_Rager on 01.02.10 at 5:17 pm

Lara Stone walked in the 2008 VS Show….the 2nd and last segment.

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