Are Totes Still In?

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Of course they’re still in! With only one amendment! That they’d be considerably smaller than Camilla Stærk’s here! (photo via)

Camilla Staerk huge tote


#1 Bibi in wonderland on 11.11.09 at 4:26 am

Yes, they are always très cool!
As you said, maybe just a little smaller than the one in the pic.. ;)

#2 Adriana on 11.11.09 at 7:56 am

Sure! I still carry mine with pleasure when needed.
I also think this one is a tad too big but I love the lady’s look. And loves totes. :)

#3 Adriana on 11.11.09 at 8:15 am

But there’s more going on :D
I haven’t forgotten about it….there’s no place on the internet that feels almost like “home” as this place:

KPRISS, you sweetheart, you never fail to bore me, you always keep me entertained and awake…..


I’m here almost from the start and therefore I like to toast to another great year. With style and fun, friendship and good health, let’s say cheers!

Thanks for all the effort you’ve made Kpriss XOXO

#4 Adriana on 11.11.09 at 10:03 am

Grrrrrrr…….my comment is still awaiting moderation…..our Kpriss is probably back to bed with tea and soup….:(

#5 kpriss on 11.11.09 at 1:44 pm

Thank you so much! The cold tricked my plans a bit, delayed my anniversary: I had a special article in mind to celebrate and I had to put it on hold for a friendly temperature that won’t melt the cake away! But it was to my greatest surprise and pleasure when I read your comment! Thank you again!


#6 Adriana on 11.11.09 at 3:36 pm

My pleasure Kpriss! I’m happy you feel better. :)

#7 Ellington on 11.11.09 at 5:00 pm

I would like to know just what she has got in that “body bag”. ;)

Oh and I am ever so glad that you are feeling much better Kpriss! :)

#8 Adriana on 11.12.09 at 7:25 am

Click on “cheers” Ellington she carries some goodies for the 2nd Annversary Party! :D

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