Hilary Duff’s Femme For DKNY Jeans Collection And The Chase Issues

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You remember how photoshop – thinned Hilary Duff was in her first pictures from the Femme For DKNY Jeans campaign? Now you have the chance to see the real thing, download it or stream it in a loop with the new fashion films made for the occasion: The Chase! (statistics fun: the first chapter, the one included below, received ten times more hits than the following 6 chapters!)

Since fashion film is the new black, don’t forget to have your little black dose.. ahem little fashion film dose today! Let the Chase begin! (don’t shoot the writer, it’s really not me fault if this little fashion film deceives your every expectation!) (scroll down for images!)

Hilary Duff Femme for DKNY jeans collection

Hilary Duff Femme DKNY jeans collection

Hilary Duff DKNY jeans 1 Hilary Duff DKNY jeans 2 Hilary Duff DKNY jeans 3

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#1 Adriana on 10.14.09 at 7:54 am

Huh? I wonder what I’ve watched?

I saw my first movie with Hilary Duff (and a very “upgraded” Heather Locklear as her mother). It was not really a punishment as it was a friendly innocent feel-good movie on tv. I thought it was about time to watch this phenomenon. Cute.

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