Animal Print T Shirts, The New 2010 Casual It!

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After freely concluding that Christopher Kane’s Gorilla T Shirt really made a fashion public blast, here comes the chivalry!

Daring designers bringing the Zoo a step closer to your wardrobe with so many animal-printed t-shirts, it makes the Urban Jungle look wilder than it really is! (the story continues right after the jump with more images!)

Dazed and Confused Jo Ratcliffe Edun animal tee

Dazed and Confused Jo Ratcliffe Edun animal t shirt

Jo Ratcliffe, artist extraordinaire teamed up with Edun Apparel, sustainable label extraordinaire for a Dazed & Confused project extraordinaire: help War Child’s mission in Congo through fashion! All the animal prints are the handwork of Jo Ratcliffe who tried to make them look as scary-roaring as possible. Roaring animals is the new fashion statement. But isn’t it too scary to wear? (via)

Dazed and Confused Jo Ratcliffe Edun t shirt

Dazed and Confused Jo Ratcliffe Edun

Dazed and Confused Jo Ratcliffe Edun tee


#1 Adriana on 10.13.09 at 8:18 am

Again? Yeah, they scare me a bit. I’ve an oldie, nowadays night wear, with a tiger on it. That tiger stares, scary and pretty at the same time. I would love a dark green animal-T with a spider. Or a snake in a more friendly state? Some have cute faces you see, cute eyes……:)
I bet these T’s sells big time. It’s a time to roar and growl right?

#2 Ellington on 10.13.09 at 9:48 am

Kind of like that Gorilla dress they had a not too long ago. This is one trend I will mos def pass on.

#3 Adriana on 10.14.09 at 6:18 am

Oh, my English…….:( it doesn’t mean I do like these shirts. I don’t. They’ve an agressive vibe.

#4 kpriss on 10.14.09 at 6:27 am

that’s the trick! They’ve been photoshoped to look so mean! The poor creatures! A plain tee with a plain lion on is not ferosh enough! it just has to roar to scare the non-fashionable away! lol

(have you seen my English? I sometimes read myself and swear it was one of those mean Harry Potter snakes who wrote the pieces! I just have a nasty habit of twisting and turning the phrases. Trying to learn German did this to me. And French. And Spanish. Did I told you about that one time I was trying to learn Greek? hmm yeah… twisted tongs!)

#5 kpriss on 10.14.09 at 6:34 am

… you know : “Todos somos Americanos!” ;)

#6 Adriana on 10.14.09 at 6:58 am

Kpriss, I live on a continent with so many different languages as you know I often speak with a “twisted tongue”. Ehhh, I don’t know if your English is that bad but I’m pretty sure your Dutch is far more worse than my English :D
So in Greek then: kaliemèra! ;)

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