Maison Martin Margiela Line 13 Home Collection

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Thoroughly planned deconstructive interior design with Maison Martin Margiela’s Line 13 white home collection. Supposedly decomposing design into elements and reinventing them, rebuilding them stitched together with a couture needle, Maison Martin Margiela’s “mat, satiné, brilliant” environment is ready to hit stores in October 2009.

First presented at the Salone del Mobile, Milan 2009, the new Margiela Interior Design vibe is ethereal. (the story continues right after the jump with more pictures!)

Maison Martin Margiela feather pens

Worshiping the faux details of the “trompe l’oeuil”, Maison Martin Margiela’s furniture and interior design elements tend towards downright angelic. Genderless, neutral to the point of being only faithful to their object nature, Maison Margiela’s interior architecture concept brings chills down my spine. Creative and inspired, arty-fancy chills, but chills nevertheless! Would you decorate your home in the Margiela spirit? (Maison Martin Margiela via Coute que Coute)

Maison Martin Margiela bottle table lamp

Maison Martin Margiela Interior Decoration

Maison Martin Margiela Interior

Maison Martin Margiela Interior architecture

Maison Martin Margiela home collection

Maison Martin Margiela home collection 1 Maison Martin Margiela home collection 2 Maison Martin Margiela home collection 3

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#1 Ellington on 09.18.09 at 7:56 am

How calming and stylish. I love the quill pens and the bottle lamp. Little quirky touches like that make a home special I think. :)

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