Donatella Versace Is Out In October 2009

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Putting a designer on the cover is an honorable change from the regular celeb magazine fronting issue we’re dealing with lately. Out Magazine highlights Donatella Versace for the October 2009 issue.

White on cover, the title says Blonde Ambition. But the cover screams Photoshop ambition. Alongside model/actor Paul Sculfor, Donatella (53) rolls back some twenty-thirty years for Out, the Gay magazine voice, saying that you can be boring but never too seductive. My wild guess is that by saying the above, she meant you can never have too much plastic surgery to enhance your features! (via, photos via 1, 2, 3)

Donatella Versace Out Magazine cover October 2009

Donatella Versace before after surgery


#1 Adriana on 09.04.09 at 5:45 am

Builder/actor/model/famous for dating celebs Paul Sculptor and La Diva Versace. well, well….

Here’s the reason why I always snub enhancing to young natural beauty: most of those people end up like freaks.
She calls herself a diva I think she’s “le freak c’est chic”.
Sorry people….
She has not rolled back 20 years. A 33 years old doesn’t look like that!

Oh, all those Joan River freaks: never take your clothes off!! Or has Donatella becomes Joan’s successor.

#2 Adriana on 09.04.09 at 5:47 am

A freudian mistake: Paul Sculfor!

#3 Tavia on 09.04.09 at 6:22 am

I never understood how she can look so bad at her age. My mother is 52 and looks better than her, without plastic surgeries or expensive beauty products. She looks like my grandmother…OMG

#4 Ellington on 09.04.09 at 5:52 pm

Ye Gads Donantella is simply heinous looking. She alarms me (yes and not in a good way) and I am sure that that bikini photo would frighten wee children.
She never ever was a beauty or attractive looking but that is not what freaks me out, its that with all of her money and access to the best, or what she thinks is the best, she looks dreadful even with a shopping mall’s worth of photo shop.

#5 Café au lait on 09.05.09 at 1:58 pm

oh my my!!! I never saw something that frighten me out for a long time, what happen to her? is this really her body?
why did she start she was better before?

it’s hard to believe,
oh mama nangaye, madre mia!! I don’t even know what to say

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