André Leon Talley’s Stylish Health Plan

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Wintour Says Lose Weight! So there goes André. He knows fashion like nobody’s business!

Armed with Louis Vuitton from tip to toes, a Piaget blingy wrist watch that would make Paris Hilton envious, he truly spices the tennis court style! Are sure they don’t make LV tennis balls, André? (this is, of course, a small charming piece of that famous September Issue!) (via)


#1 Adriana on 08.22.09 at 5:56 am

It’s almost endearing to watch. LOL the way he plays tennis and yet so serious about his style….awww….Anna has a good point though about André’s weight. Really he was bigger than “a house in Minnesota” scary unhealthy looking. I remember him at Oprah some years ago, watched it twice, when Anna ordered him time to lose weight. He was so proud, happy and good looking sharp dressed in a suit instead of wearing one of his tipi’s or other weird clothing to distract people from his size. He was funny too…

Can’t wait, September 17 is the The September release in the Netherlands. Probably in the art-houses and I hope not limited!

(André should advice Anna to gain a bit of weight……being thin doesn’t look good on older women…..kinda scary, her nose seems to become bigger you see…..)

#2 Ellington on 08.22.09 at 9:13 am

I never use to like ALT but I really adore him now. He makes me smile and I am ever so glad that he trying to look after himself and he is doing it in his own style. :)

#3 Adriana on 08.24.09 at 6:19 am

Ellington, he doesn’t seems so nice at the Vogue but at Oprah (I’m not an Oprah watcher btw) he was so damned charming and funny. And endearing as I wrote he managed to lose all that weight. I had to watch the rerun again. He chose this “style” to hide his weight but he said he loved the sharp suits so much better…….I hope he succeed again. We all know obesity is a killer. I don’t want him to die too young so go ALT!

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