Kate Moss Without Makeup And Retouching

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And (supposedly) without plastic surgery. It’s a double edge! For one you can see that Kate Moss is 100% human, as we all. She’s got wrinkles, freckles, spots and sunscreen meant nothing to her.

But then, she landed three relevant magazines covers for the September Fall Fashion Issues (Vogue UK, Vogue Russia, W). Is there really no other better looking model out there? How old are you again, Kate? 35? U sure? (photo via)

Kate Moss Natural no makeup


#1 enan on 08.16.09 at 4:18 am

Has Halloween come early this year?
I’m not opening the door if anyone looks like this!

I think you need to add a warning message, this will give people nightmares.

#2 Adriana on 08.16.09 at 6:17 am

Oh, hadn’t notice this one here before. Yep, I’ve seen this one too. This woman looks like she’s 50 and not aged very well either. Or is it Kate’s mother?
Though sometimes I’m suspicious that Daily Mail photoshop the other way around….
I feel so pretty all of a sudden. What a self esteem this photo gives me…..Looked in the mirror: where’s my cover? I’m ready for my close-up…..

I’ve to give Kate also some credits though, she looks human. I see here no nip/tucks and botox i.e. If she really doesn’t care what she does look like after looking at this photo of herself she’s really a remarkable personality. Really unique. Let’s wait and see….

Ha, there’s my RayBan. I’ve those in black and one in a kinda orange/brown frame. But without that logo on the glass. (Told you it can be removed,so ugly ugh….) Anyway, put them back on Kate!

#3 Daydreamer on 08.16.09 at 9:08 am

This pic really reminds me htat we are all human. Models, stars, politicians, socialites, secretaries, or me are same–age and die!!! But what fascinates me is that we have technology and many innovations that help we look good. It’s not about stop the time but at least we can enjoy lives more(if we want to look young!) When we go some where and took photos, we look and them and happy but we also have photoshop helps us to look nicely not entirely “changed”(Self magazine!!!!) I’m happy to see her like this(to she looks more than her real age.)

#4 Ellington on 08.17.09 at 3:56 pm

Cheese whiz on toast! She looks like Keith Richard’s little sister! ;)

#5 wilson on 08.17.09 at 5:02 pm

Cant believe you put this cocaine addict from Croydon AGAIN on the cover…she probably could look much better at her age if she controls her cocaine habit and her alcohol intake… I cant understand all the fuss around this girl…
Besides, she smokes joints of marihuana in front of her little daugther… how disgusting..
i wish i had the power to destroy such “icon”…icon for who??? fashion people??? can somebody be more frivolous and superficial than “fashion people”?….

#6 kpriss on 08.17.09 at 10:34 pm

I firmly stand against so many of Kate’s nasty habits but in the same time, I don’t believe that someone like her would get so high and stay there for so long if she wasn’t playing the right game with the right crowd. So if in her magic circle there’s more than we, mere mortals leading normal, healthy lives care to try, it’s Kate’s problem. Personally, I think smoking should be banned in any form but it’s enough to see the pro weed campaigns they’re running in almost every single movie released lately to understand that there’s no way it’ll get banned.

As for recklessness and how it shows on one’s skin, it’s important to have a model. Like Kate. She is (or used to be) the queen of hard party-ing and excess. Not a bright model for Lila Grace, but a skin-and-bones impersonation of a fashion-glam-rock-punk era. They wouldn’t have put her on so many coves (and she wouldn’t have lasted so long and so high on the scene) if she wasn’t controversial.

#7 Adriana on 08.18.09 at 6:34 am

Since people seems to love controversial behaving, but I’m Dutch so that’s kinda different in a way to this issue and I’m in the good company of Brad Pitt lately: cannabis should be legalised. I truly believe that. It’s not far as bad as alcohol. Which I consider closer to a hard drug!! The most dangerous part is -in my view- that criminals does control the business now. When it’s legal and controlled it also helps the taxes and it is it’svery helpful to a lot of diseases!! And a nice form of relaxation. If one use it in a normal way. Not inside of children but to me that goes for alcohol as well and not all day long of course! One should not become a doughnut like Brad said he became :)))

#8 kpriss on 08.18.09 at 6:45 am

Smoke weed or you’ll become a doughnut! lol!

I still say no! (remarquez, I’m opposing to the lightest of drugs! imagine how vehement I may be when referring to the hard stuff!)

#9 Ellington on 08.18.09 at 8:16 am

I myself am not for legalizing weed. If people need it for medical reasons, fair enough, but I have been around enough people who use it for recreation, and they get just as bad as those who drink too much alcohol.
I myself have never tried it and have never felt the desire to do so, even with peer pressure.
So I am with you on this one Kpriss.

#10 Adriana on 08.18.09 at 3:38 pm

As long as you understand I’m not a stoner, no way, and always hated cigarettes. Never saw the fun to smoke just dirty air. And I’m a very moderated weed user. I used for the reasons I mentioned so I think it’s more clean and safe when it’s legalized. And no one here does smoke more weed because it’s so easy to get. The troubles we have are: it’s in criminal hands now and all those foreigners that causes lots off trouble in the cities near our borders. And not to speak about the tourists who does smoke to much and then the lights get out. No matter if you warn them firm the Dutch weed has become to strong. An aspect I really dislike therefore I’m even more for legalization.
I use it only at home and no where else…..(Just for record other readers think I’m a doughnut!!) :)))

#11 wilson on 08.18.09 at 4:44 pm

its not about if THAT criature ( in the worse sense of the word) from Croydon use drugs or not..I couldnt care less about it.its about doing it in front of her little daughter.
Besides, Monster Moss ONLY existes because Vanessa Paradis declined to do that famous campaign for Calvin Klein which catapulded her.
After that, the media market just molded her .Did you guys EVER hear an interview with her?? she IS UNABLE TO SPEAK CLEARLY and UNABLE to correct that disgusting accent from suburbs.Of course some people from fashion(hello Marc Jacobs and Corine) love her!! they take cocaine together!!Besides, she uses controversy to promote herself.. just compare with other models ,like Giselle… no drugs, no “wannabe singer” boyfriends..never a controversy and STILL AT THE TOP.

#12 kookiekandy on 09.01.09 at 10:16 pm

she knows nothing about the pre-ageing effects of the sun, alcohol, smoking, and the like. She looks like a rasin face

#13 keima on 09.11.09 at 9:57 am

Uhm this is really a shame!

#14 Chelsea on 12.19.09 at 8:40 pm

Everything you reach for daily is a drug…don’t hold yourself on a pedestal. As long as you are not hurting others, there should be no problem with your life choices. Chill out ladies:) Don’t be so judgmental! Peace

By the way, I think her accent is lovely- but then again, I appreciate culture:)

#15 cc on 01.03.10 at 12:52 am

MIAOW you guys!

#16 cc on 01.03.10 at 12:58 am

They didn’t put her on so many covers because she’s controversial – she had a loooong career before the cocaine story dropped. They put her on covers because she has an amazing face and a clotheshorse figure

#17 cc on 01.03.10 at 1:02 am

Marijuana makes you paranoid. It damages the human brain. Read about it. That’s a scientific fact.
AND it smells like human excrement so if you smoke it near me I will quite joyfully reach out and punch you

#18 kpriss on 01.03.10 at 8:55 am

lol cc! (Happy New Year! glad to have you on board!)

True, Kate has an amazing figure and unique looks! Too bad she’s smoking/drinking all that away! But hey, once you board that boat, you can’t be the elephant in the room and quit smoking & co.. right?

#19 Adriana on 01.03.10 at 12:48 pm

Hi Kpriss glad you’re back, does everything goes well with the boxes?
Last photo I saw of Kate (and Jamie) she didn’t look so great at all. Very common/average English house-wife. But yeah, photoshopped to the max? Fabulous.

Also glad you liked cc’s joke because I don’t. So, apologize on beforehand to be annoying in the new year already.
Because another scientific fact is that alcohol, available in supermarkets, can cause Korsakov. That’s horrible brain damage. Use alcohol in moderated doses is OK, that won’t do any harm. The same goes for marijuana!! It can help people feeling better with chemo and a long list of other diseases. That’s why I’m pro legalization. A lot of the so called “prescripted drugs” are far more dangerous and addictive. See the long sad list of people who have died because of “prescripted drugs”.

#20 kpriss on 01.03.10 at 3:06 pm

Everything goes smooth as silk with a good night sleep! I almost forgot what that meant with the Holidays madness in one pocket and the moving around in the other!

Mmm.. I was amused by cc’s meow… as far as legalization and use – you already know how I stand by now. I’m sorry if anything I said offended you in any way, I really am! The last thing I wanted was to start a left this year, especially with you! friends? ;;)

#21 Adriana on 01.03.10 at 8:04 pm

Oh dear, reading it now I believe I exaggerated over cc’s “I will quite joyfully reach out and punch you”……..:/
Kpriss, I know where you stand!! I wouldn’t be here anymore and I guess you wouldn’t tolerate someone with wrong opinions towards drugs abuse which I despise.

So let’s end and begin the year on happier tone: great everything went smooth as silk and celebrate the Holidays at the same time? Bravo! :))
See you soon! :*

#22 Cindy on 04.24.10 at 1:12 pm

I just do not believe that this photo is for real. Really, just as easily as they can airbrush the wrinkles out of her skin, they can put them there, too. This has to be a fake, and if not, its something extreme, like she just woke up, or stayed up all night partying and drinking no water, or just sunburned herself really bad, etc.

#23 Andriana on 04.28.11 at 8:28 am

I read somewhere that Kate Moss is one of the few people in the world with perfect proportions of their face. Strange, because I wouldn’t call that even close to perfect.

#24 kpriss on 04.28.11 at 8:29 am

She is? I always was under the impression that Gemma Ward was the one…

#25 ajginger on 04.28.11 at 10:38 am

Nobody is perfect! :)

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