The Lemonheads Ft. Kate Moss Dirty Robot

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She’s no stranger to everything rock, but Kate Moss really made the headlines recently when her latest musical achievement was released: The Lemonheads Dirty Robot has Kate Moss inside!

The Lemonheads
new upcoming album is called Varshons and besides being glamed-up by Kate Moss for Dirty Robot, there’s also Liv Tyler singing on Leonard Cohen’s cover “Hey, That’ No Way to Say Goodbye”. There’s something so strange but so interesting about models singing. Or doing something different other than modelling! Actually, after listening to both songs, I’d say they’re not so bad! You can listen to Kate Moss’ Lemonheads Dirty Robot towards the end of Dazed Digital’s May Playlist and Liv Tyler’s Lemonheads That’s no way to say goodbye here. So, how about it? (via, photo via)

Kate Moss Singing Glastonbury

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