Nails UV Lamps Cause Skin Cancer!

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Nails UV LampUsing artificial nails is not only bad aesthetics but also bad health! The UV lamps for fixing the artificial nails are widely used in beauty salons worldwide. Subject to further investigations, the UV lamps are believed to cause cancer due to intensive exposure to UV radiations. Call off those sunbeds appointments starting today! (Dailymail, photo via)


#1 Adriana on 05.04.09 at 4:01 pm

Also Lupus patients have to take care. UV triggers the Lupus rash. Which causes a kind of painful “blisters” or one can get a Lupus flare.
This damned things has to be banned!! Take care you all out there.

May is Lupus Awareness Month take notice please. Thank you.

#2 Ellington on 05.04.09 at 6:11 pm

Thanks for sharing that information Adriana! :)
I have never used those lamps before and I never will, as for tanning beds I don’t need them thankfully!

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