Natalia Vodianova’s Vogue US May 2009 By Steven Meisel

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Natalia Vodianova is one of the nine Supers of The Moment as covered by Vogue US in their traditional models May issue. Being on the very front cover, even if she’s 27-year old and a mother of two three (thank you Irina!) is something remarkable in the fashion world, so tough and exigent with beginners.

Natalia Vodianova
’s pictorial, however, is as stunning as her presence on the cover, even if she’s not really one of the models with most ad campaigns and fashion coverage. (the story continues right after the jump! Don’t miss the gallery with Natalia Vodianova’s pictures from Vogue US May 2009!)

Natalia Vodianova as Verushka Vogue US May 09

She portrays Dovima (Dorothy Virginia Margaret Juba, Avedon’s muse), Veruschka (Vera Gottliebe Anna Grafin), Lauren Hutton, Suzy Parker (Cecilia Ann Renee Parker, Coco Chanel’s favorite), Marisa Berenson, Twiggy (Lesley Hornby, Diana Vreeland’s perfection), Jean Patchett, Penelope Tree, Jean Shrimpton.

Natalia Vodianova as Twiggy Vogue US May 09

All nine mighty ladies of fashion impersonated by Natalia! How she pulled them all off (well, besides Lauren Hutton’s gap in the teeth)? By studying their mouth expression! She looks great, the pictures look great and I’d say this is one Vogue issue to absolutely buy! What do you say? (photos via tfs)

Natalia Vodianova as Penelope Tree Vogue US May09

Natalia Vodianova as Marisa Berenson Vogue US May09

Natalia Vodianova as Suzy Parker Vogue US May 09

Natalia Vodianova as Lauren Hutton Vogue May 09

Natalia Vodianova as Jean Shrimpton Vogue May 09

Natalia Vodianova as Jean Patchett Vogue May 09

Natalia Vodianova Vogue US May Steven Meisel

Natalia Vodianova as Dovima Vogue May 09


#1 Ellington on 04.13.09 at 3:35 pm

Wow that is a lovely and interesting layout! I really enjoy looking at it and I will have to get the issue so I can check it out.
I love all the different portrayals of the different iconic models. Natalia Vodianova did a stellar job and she is lovely. :)

#2 deka on 04.13.09 at 10:57 pm


#3 Adriana on 04.14.09 at 3:21 am

Natalia Vodianova rulez!

#4 Arnoldo Valerio on 04.14.09 at 11:36 am

As she was married to Justin Portman, her carreer was almost over, after a short time of modeling. What surprised me the most was that Mrs. Vodianovo always could be seen on covers, in some ads etc. But actually was never an Super or Topmodel. I liked her from the beginning and now my critics, these days she looks skinnier then ever before during her short modeling career. I got a few pics were she was wearing stirrups in Paris during shopping time and my immediatly thoughts were this can’t be a mother of two kids and already 28 years old. She looked like an 16 year old. Nothing shocking I know but her skinny and behaviour made me think.

#5 vogueboy on 04.14.09 at 12:24 pm

How many pages this May issue has please?
And just one thing…. please, can someone send me an invitation for I am waiting for months for an invitaion… :(

#6 Irina on 04.18.09 at 10:41 am

A small correction- Natalia Vodianova has 3 children, not 2 as stated in the article.

#7 Arnoldo Valerio on 04.18.09 at 12:54 pm

Irina, your totally right, she has 3 kids. It was a little bit confusing when my dearest Kpriss wrote 2 in the article. But remember Kpriss and also I arent neighboors of her estate in England. And what is most important, with so many models around getting baby’s it’s difficult to know how many they have, look to Heidi Klum okay it’s wellknown that she is pregnant, so it will be her fourth child, but who cares about the kids of lesser wellknown models? Arriverderci

#8 Sophie "Velvet" Tyler on 01.24.10 at 1:53 pm

I love Natalia, she’s one of my fav models! This shoot is really nice and lovely..thanks for posting it :)

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