Marc By Marc Jacobs 2009 Backpack

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Being a bag devoted fan (even more, I’m a high heel shoes addict, whenever I can stretch outside the park-kids-groceries-converse-flats daily theme) doesn’t exclude owning a backpack.

A backpack is good for you! A backpack is something to have and take out for a walk whenever necessary. Even if you feel the temptation, you shouldn’t give in and wear you backpack at a cocktail or a fancy party, regardless if it’s a Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack! (the story continues right after the jump! Don’t miss the gallery with more pictures of the Marc by Marc backpack)

Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack

First of all, you should also note that backpacks don’t necessarily come on genders. They’ll purpose oriented, thus less gender focused. Actually, I rather prefer owning a military-rough backpack than a stylish, itsy-mintsy state-of-the-fashion-art backpack (you remember the genre, Stella McCartney for LeSportsac!).

Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack 2009

This Marc by Marc Jacobs khaki backpack has everything working on pros. A lifeless, unattractive color (you don’t want to ride your bicycle carrying a backpack that’ll rival the traffic lights, right?), life saving yellow patches, accessible lateral pockets, large interior, adjustable straps and so on. Plus, it’s a Marc Jacobs! Who could ever resist?

Owning a backpack is one brilliant thing, but paying $400 for it? (via 1, 2)

Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack detail

Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack inside Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack back


#1 TR on 04.11.09 at 6:19 pm

If I pay for a MJ backpack, I may as well fork out a few more thousand and buy a Gucci snakeskin backpack…but I’m happy with my run-of-the-mill Adidas variety. It does the same job. If Marc Jacobs added a fabulous new gadget (the bag being auto-cleaning), I’d probably get it but I don’t plan to buy MJ (ever) in my life.

#2 Ellington on 04.12.09 at 9:41 am

The bag is practical in everything, function and form, but when it comes to the price its a tad impractical.

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