Sony Goes Light And Fashionable With VAIO P Series

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Technology targets women, it’s official. And that’s not just through mobile phones! Remember that beautiful Vivienne Tam HP?

Well, Sony is going for the same audience with the new VAIO netbook. Under the Go-light saying, Sony tries to win the market with the Vaio P Series Lifestyle PC. (more images and two videos ready to convince you about the absolute fashionability of the new Sony Vaio P Series after the jump)

Sony Vaio P Series lifestyle netbook

Sony Vaio P Series lifestyle netbook 4

Even if it has some pretty stylish and trendy colors (onyx black, garnet red, emerald green, crystal white) and an ultra bright 8 inch screen, this new Sony Vaio hardly tops the Vivienne Tam HP. Wireless connectivity, Bluetooth, Motion eye built in webcam and microphone, GPS functionality, this 1,4 lbs could fit perfectly the techy fashionista.

Sony Vaio P Series lifestyle netbook red

w9.65”xh4,72”x-d0, 78” make the P series a sleek and elegant beauty, ready to fit the purses of most fashionables lady tech crunchers out there (it was awarded with the cnet award, best of 2009). I have to admit, the most interesting description was for the keyboard, especially designed with spaced keys for long fingernails!

Sony Vaio P Series lifestyle netbook emerald green

Since I just drastically shortened my fingernails (due to stubbornly attending kitchen, home&family routines) I really can’t fall for that special spaced keys line. I don’t fall for the colors either (in my perspective, it really doesn’t matter what color a gadget has as long as it’s fully functional). I don’t fall for VAIO tout court. I’m a HP girl so I’m completely sold to the flowerish Vivienne Tam HP Clutch. What about you? (via 1, 2)

Sony Vaio P Series lifestyle netbook black Sony Vaio P Series lifestyle netbook gps


#1 Adriana on 02.02.09 at 5:14 pm

Sighs, I’ve seen these yet and they are very, very desireable although I don’t know really what to do with them in my daily life…..but I LOVE the green one….

#2 Ellington on 02.02.09 at 5:55 pm

I like the VAIO green one too Adriana and I liked the HP V. Tam design too, but I am an Apple girl!
: )

#3 Zahoor Gojri on 02.24.09 at 10:03 pm

wow beautiful lappy. I like it. I think green and red colors will looks better on this cutie laptop.

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