Shreds And Pieces, Blogaround Deconstruction

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Rocking around the internet fashion savvy writers, I noticed there was a heavy tendance towards shredding… The un-put-together look gains more and more terrain.

Heavily deconstructed, decomposed and chaotically rebuilt, everything falls into the most serious style category, category for which I would be more than ready to empty a vast parcel in my wardrobe! Let’s hit the blogaround!

The classics have their places assured! Chanel is still Chanel, even if you spell it in paint drops!

Rodarte like handmade sweater

Easy does it: denim never goes out of eyes, out of style! Cut’em, shred’em! Jeans remain!

I was thinking… What’s a vest if not a piece of a coat/cardi/t-shirt? Is the vest still in?

Of course there’s always room for newcomers: Alexander Wang’s oversized jumper could make me ignore the summer thermometer any day!

And my absolute favorite street-styler who caught up with a Rodarte-like sweater, la piece de resistance de toutes les decomposed wardrobes de monde!

This decomposing thing must be behind the Wild Child chic haunting the magazines!

…or the socialites… Who knew Paris could do such an amazing distressed Ostrich?

Now I’ll put myself together after seeing so much dechirement and invite you all to have a sweet pancake break! (photo via jakandjil)


#1 Hapsical Blog on 02.28.09 at 4:21 pm

Great links, as ever

thanks for including one of mine :)

#2 Ellington on 02.28.09 at 4:26 pm

This weeks Blog around was fun Kpriss! I enjoyed looking at it all and the waffel/pancake maker was nice, I wish I had it for Shrove Tuesday, but pancakes and waffles are great anytime! : )

#3 Adriana on 03.01.09 at 9:22 am

Same here: great blog around.
Compliments to Sal, deka and Hapsical!!! I’d visit these blogs frequently. Loves what these ladies do. Great choices Kpriss.

Girls if you’re able to knit: a kind of Rodarte-like-sweater is as easy and quick as to make great waffles or pancakes. Its a piece of pancake unless you can’t cook at all, I know people who can’t cook an egg you see…..loves that pancake maker too.

Ellington, what is Shrove Tuesday and why do they eat pancakes/waffles then?

#4 Ellington on 03.01.09 at 9:50 am

Shrove Tuesday is the holy holiday before the beginning of the holy season of Lent. Shrove means to obtain penance for your sins. Pancakes are eaten because one traditionally abstains from eating eggs and fat, so these ingredients would be used up by making pancakes! I am Anglican so for Lent I traditionally give up something I really like for 40 days (the length of Lent). I am giving up chocolate in all forms. Lent ends on Easter Sunday. But like I said pancakes and waffles are great anytime,especially with Maple Syrup (which is very Canadian! ) : )

#5 Adriana on 03.01.09 at 10:41 am

Ah, I see like the Roman Catholics has Ash Wednesday, which was last Wedneday here. Anglican is the English Church? Reformed in the days of Henry VIII when they separated from Rome?
R.C. Lent ends on Easter Sunday too. In 40 days its Easter? Good grief……

Dutch pancakes are something between the thicker American ones and the French crêpes. And we have very, very small “pancakes” named poffertjes. Hard to make. A Dutch specialty with lots off butter on it with powder sugar…oh so yummy….I’m a great pancake maker though. I’ve ate that a lot in poor times. For dinner. So I’ve learned to make lots off varieties.

Ehh, well have a good Lent.

#6 kpriss on 03.01.09 at 2:53 pm

I’m so happy you liked it!

Haps, it’s always a pleasure!

Ellington if you gave up chocolate, you can still have waffles or pancakes, right? I can hardly give up anything with the kids around… ;)

Adriana, you should tip us (and by that I mean mostly me, myself and I) on some yummy pancakes! I’m more on the classic sweet side, I haven’t really tried anything revolutionary with the pancakes, but I’m always willing to experiment!
… oh, and that Rodarte-like sweater? I’d really try that! But I haven’t crocheted in a looong time!

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