New Perfume By Queen Latifah

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Haven’t you missed a piece of news about another celebrity product? Well, here it is – Queen Latifah’s Perfume. I love her for the fine and cheerful acting she does, but this adds to the celeb-turned-whatever-else list…

She’ll be launching in fall 2009 a personal (whateverrr!) fragrance with the same company (parlux) who’s holding Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson’s perfumes.

Queen Latifah Various ImagesOf course we’re already teased with sweet talk about the future perfume meant to “expresses a woman’s confidence and sensuality; it’s how she embraces her body, her mind and her strength.” (Queen Latifah)
Knowing the Queen, I bet this perfume won’t come in little bottles for she’s no little woman to embrace!
Oh my, we’re in for a treat if she stands up to her word, what do you say?
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#1 Miss at la Playa on 06.03.08 at 9:20 am

I just saw the comment you left in my blog, and I knew that VB wore flat shoes too! I can’t find the pic, though. She was getting out of a plane

#2 Why Celebrity Goes Designer — StyleFrizz on 06.03.08 at 12:44 pm

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