Debbie Harry Rejuvenating Poster

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Just because I loved Blondie, Debbie Harry as well, I couldn’t get pass this odd picture. Of course I could indulge because I just said I loved her, but ….

I can’t. It’s a mad lack of respect for your fans and the ones who love you even if you’re a gorgeous blond model singing like heaven or a great singer continuing your career even if you’re 63 years old. Is this aesthetically photoshop-right and morally wrong poster giving you the creeps just like it did to me?

Debbie Harry Phoenix Poster 2008 Vs Debbie Harry 1979 and 2007
(photos via dailymail)


#1 Adriana on 06.24.08 at 6:18 am

The last weeks maybe months or even years(!) I’m in a state of mind of anger with this attitude of the women themselves caused by the fashion industry i.e. magazines about the way women have not the right anymore to grow gracefully older. That’s how I feel about it. We are tied up again! Tied to a image of being ‘forever young’. Which has been translated in ‘still looking good’ because that sounds better? It is a myth! They lie to us and we often to ourselves too I think?
I find that a very scary photo of Debbie Harry, the once non-conformist, and as you I loved and still love Blondie and Debbie and I play their music still at times.
The photo right under is far more realistic but Debbie has yet have a face lift on that photo -which she has never denied- but still cannot hide she has become older which is not a shame. It’s natural. She will always be icon Debbie Harry one of the most sexy and fun and intelligent role-models rockers of all times.
I don’t want to give a moral preach about ‘work done’. It can be great in some cases. It works very well in some cases too. (I’ve just made an appointment with my dental hygienist because what can beat a nice fresh smile? I love to have facials at time too and rely on almost religiously beauty care every morning and night and that shows according to dermatologists.)

I think we can come far with ‘growing gracefully older’ by taking good care of ourselves with good beauty care and a healthy but also a fun lifestyle. And the right food for our minds! Very important in my opinion. Living and thinking healthy and having fun, be happy is a great beauty ingredient!! And this is written by someone who has Lupus. Not a pretty illness. I don’t look ill at all though I’ve some effects of course. So whatever work you do we can not beat Mother Nature ever with her plans for our bodies inside. I did never expected this living my life-style…..gosh, what a shock it was but I’ve survived that I’m just human!

I’m angry because women have become slaves again. The second gender. Despite of our choices to have a real career its still us who stays at home to take care of our kids and cook and the whole shebang. Of course there are exceptions to this rule. Luckily they are there but they have found the right balance or/and the right man which do respect their wifes and take a real part in family life and gives their wifes a change to be her own talented selves too! For them its their choice which it is not the case for plenty of women which has to be now -besides all their other worries- young and sexy forever…..Are we back in the 50’s, in another era? In another way?
How I’ve seen in 10 years this ‘young forever culture’ grows that fast that it does scare me for the younger generation. I hear very young girls already talking about ‘getting older’. Good grief they better should spend their time having fun, study, enjoy their youth. Hopefully people come to back their senses. Or am I a dreamer?

And that over-photoshopped photo of Debbie Harrie, I hope she don’t minds: “Rip her to shreds”!
What great brave role-model another herion of mine is to see in another article on this blog about the Annie Leibovitz exhibition in Paris: Patti Smith. Now I don’t think if I’m at that age I shall walk around like her. A bit more groomed is my style but nevertheless: what a woman. A real one…..

#2 Arnoldo Valerio on 06.24.08 at 1:32 pm

Adriana, I’m really sorry for your illness. I had to look to a medical website to know what it exactly was, but it has everything to do with your kidneys. I’m really sorry to hear about this. Despite that we know each other so long (on forums) and that we argue from time to time I never wish this disease to whoever person. I can agree with the overall opinion of your posting, but I would say don’t blame the fashion industry for all the misery of todays woman. They are actually a victim of themself, not only the models but also the ordinary woman in the streets. They don’t have to buy designers clothes or being like Sasha P or whatever model. Your own choice can be perfect without that it cost you a lot of money. It’s all about your own style and personality. Many woman look chic in clothes of H&M or C&A only because the know how to find the right accessories or pieces of clothes togheter. So Fashion hasn’t be that expensive, by coincedence I know that a lot of clothes you wear are homemade, but I’m sure you look fashionable and stylish. About Debbie Harry, I love and hate her at the same time, so I’m confused about thos woman. And the pics Kpriss showed us where not shocking, we all (I hope) get older.

#3 Adriana on 06.25.08 at 6:02 am

I do not like to react to other posters on blogs because blogs are not like forums. So I hope the editor doesn’t mind in this case? A one time message?

Arnoldo Valerio, of course I do know all I could find about Lupus. And I’m not even finished yet. If you’ve an illness you’ve to inform yourself as good as possible. Lupus can attach the kidneys yes. It can attach every organ in ones body as a matter of fact. So you’ve not read that medical website very well or the info was not complete correct. Until now it has not attached my kidneys and hopefully it never will. Lupus is a very complicated illness and hard to diagnose. And often hard to deal with too. Because people have gone through so many tests and wrong diagnoses for years and years which is very frustrating and a lot of Lupus patients doesn’t look even ill. So its hard for people around the patient to believe that this person is really ill.
But when you find a balance and acceptance you can grow old with Lupus. In my case hopefully gracefully older as you may have noticed?
I felt a bit of regret I had mentioned this illness as a point. But on the other hand I work hard since a while on awareness for this disease that can, I write CAN, be very devastating and even causes death. But so do other terrible diseases. But with good doctors, the right diagnose and medication one can live almost a normal life. This doesn’t goes for all Lupus patients though alas but until now I belong to the ‘lucky ones’. And more important Lupus has so many different faces and therefore every Lupus patient is different.

This illness is not as well known in Europe as it is in the US were so much people and of course their loved ones has to cope with this disease and there are foundations in the US that work hard on research and awareness and I’m so very grateful they are there. What we Lupus patients needs now very badly is the right strong celeb that loves to collect money for this awareness and of course – far more important- research for a cure rather than on her/his own line and wants to become our spokesperson!

I shall not ‘use/abuse’ this blog again to talk about Lupus. There’s so much more to life than my illness. I’m me, not Lupus! But I like to give you some links if you are really interested and hopefully other readers of this blog does too and donate of course for us all. Because it can happen to you or someone you loves dearly too. In fact we are involved!

Go to YouTube and just type ‘Lupus’ and you shall find lots of info. Stories told by the patients themselves. Infomercials (is that English??) of the foundations too. Hail these brave people.
I’ve become a member of this foundation and have donate of course not only for me but for all of us:

Let’s leave it to this and let’s move on to enjoy kpriss articles and focus on that?

#4 Adriana on 06.25.08 at 6:14 am

Oh good grief this was meant to be a short reply….oops….but while typing it I did realise that it was Debbie Harry who has inspired me unconsciously because Chris Stein her long-term partner, now her ex but still great friends, had a rare skin disease for years and she let her career for what it was and took care of him all this years until he recovered. I wish I know what this disease was and if he still has it.
So I’ve a lot of respect for Debbie Harry who is besides one of the most remarkable icons in rock/pop music a caring person too….How can one not love Debbie?

#5 Mike on 12.14.08 at 9:43 am

My wife and I have been fans since she started and we still are today. I personally think she looks gorgeous. Pictures do her no justice at all, she looks amazing in person.

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