Chanel Goes Fly Fishing

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Vintage is an expensive habit. Especially if we’re talking Coco Chanel habits – she apparently applied herself to fly fishing with the Duke of Westminster in the 20s and got so good at the job, she caught more fish than he did.

So, to honor Coco and encourage us to continue hailing the Mademoiselle, Karl has launched a fishing Chanel rod with monochrome Chanel flies with the double C on the gossamer wings altogether in a quilted black leather box for app. $18.500. Isn’t that a true catch? Whereto next, Karl? A Quilted double C Igloo for the ice lovers?

Coco Chanel And The Duke of Wesminster
UPDATE: Here’s the Chanel Fishing Rod:

Fishing Rod Chanel
(the guardian via nymag)

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