Chanel Bike

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And just when we said we’d had too much posh today, we came across this subject: an ergonomically designed, eight-speed bicycle. And not just any bike! A CHANEL BIKE! The bike has been created as part of Chanel’s spring/summer 2008 offering to celebrate the heritage of the house, which is steeped in Coco Chanel’s love of sport. Paul Morland quotes Mademoiselle on the subject in his 1996 book, L’Allure de Chanel: “I dominated fashion for a quarter of a century. Why? Because I knew how to express the times. I invented sport suits for me. Not because other women were playing sports, but because I was playing them. In 1914, there weren’t any dresses to play sport in. When women went to watch sport, they looked like the women watching medieval tournaments in those conical hats. They had very low waistlines, and were constrained at the hips, the legs, everywhere… By inventing the jersey, I liberated the body, I got rid of the waistline, I created a new silhouette.” (available in Chanel boutiques from December, priced approximately £6,200).

Chanel bike Chanel Ski

Every fashionista should get at least a hand on this super stylish Chanel Bicycle. We , of course, strongly recommend you a tour with this statement bike. This if you don’t stick with the 2006 Ski Collection.

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