Victoria’s Secret – No More Sexy Back

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Some commercial ways seem truly beyond my understanding. Victoria’s Secret was hardly the sexiest lingerie brand on the planet.

Now the breaking news is that even that allegedly sexy-thing is going to be erased from their trimmings. Let’s be honest, besides putting on some good stage shows and most of all contracting some of the most known models (and healthy looking, first of all), the products are far from bursting the lust proportions.

Victoria’s Secret Girls Show Picture

“We use the word sexy a lot and really have forgotten the ultra feminine.”

So using the word sexy is in what way different from ultra feminine? Unless we’re talking different English, in the commonly used one, feminine is an ideal referrer to women’s and girls qualities (physical and else), sexy is an attraction as a result of a complex of factors (physical and else). Another very important issue to remember here is that feminine doesn’t imply two persons. A woman can be feminine on her own, but sexy needs two to dance.

Victoria’s Secret Show

The next you know, we’ll be witnessing Victoria’s Secret Catwalks with women sewing, wearing crinolines, picking flowers, (why not) crying over some onions…

Did you found Victoria’s Secret sexy beyond compare? Or all the magic was in the show?

Victoria’s Secret Angels


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the girl´s of vick very,very talents and beatiful!

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