Pierre Cardin Joins The Club Of No-Eating Designers

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“I want to improve myself. I do not want to live for eating. Isn’t that what you expect from life when you are old – dinner parties and only sleeping?”

The 86 years old legend talks about life’s pleasures and recognizable style. He knows the world’s turning around wallets but he also says that one should begin the construction of its name with a personal style, not with a heavy banking account.

Pierre Cardin 86 years Old at SCAD Star Etoile Awards New York

That, of course, doesn’t elude paying for originality and talent in any creative field and since his story was “my talent made the money, not the money made the name”, he’s selling all his empire for $1,2 billion.

It makes a world of difference from the full-of-wisdom-antisocial-Kaiser, doesn’t it? Stepping down to taste the pleasures of life and communicating with people. Why can’t the world spawn more Pierre Cardin?

(via vogue)

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