Irina Lazareanu Shows Support for Angelina Jolie

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Now, now, you must be intrigued! I know I was, when first hearing about this! Now imagine this: Irina Lazareanu, Angelina Jolie, Global Action for Children!

Still haven’t got a clue? Well, then imagine this: Irina Lazareanu was spotted backstage at the New Work Fashion Week wearing a t-shirt tagged with “Global Action for Children” when in makeup.

Global Action for Children LogoSince everyone’s watching Irina’s every move, they all went crazy and asking around what was that t-shirt all about and where can they get one so they’ll get into the Lazareanu trend.

No one has asked me about the shirt yet, but I hope that will change by the end of the week,

the model said backstage at the Matthew Williamson show.

The Global Action for Children

Oooh, what a shame! What a beautiful trend to steal and yet no one really knows if it really is going to be a trend! But let’s all take notes, let’s dig for something about that t-shirt, let’s make it into a trend! It’s Irina Lazareanu after all, she can’t be wearing a t-shirt with no reason whatsoever!

Irina Lazareanu Making Bunny
Word is, The Global Action for Children is getting a lot of support from Angelina Jolie (so they say) and now from several girls from Marilyn Model Management (Irina Lazareanu, Iekeliene Stange, Angelina Kocheva). Realityis, on the other hand, that The Global Action for Children, as every non profit organization trying to do some good in the world, is enjoying every bit of celebrity they can get in order to serve the higher purpose of helping those in need.

So, please, get over the ridiculousness of “hey, have you seen Irina’s latest t-shirt? Let’s get one so we’ll be trendy also!” and help the Global Action if you can. If not, every little gesture matters, we all come across people in need, some help will do them good.

Oh, and the Friday-song for this one is Beautiful from Mandalay. One of my personal favorites. Not a new one but it sure worked wonders on one of my kids who was crying like all the rivers in the world sunk his dreams.

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