Another Fashion Disaster – Jennifer Love-Hewitt at LAX

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There’s gotta be something in the air… Jennifer Love-Hewitt is trying to tell us something with that green outfit? Something like.. maybe… she really loved her grandma’ and she’s honoring her with this “ensemble”?

Pardon my sarcasm, but I sometimes wonder why we make all those efforts to promote style, fashion, beauty and all the principles surrounding those concepts! When coming across something like this green outfit it all seems so vane!
Jennifer Love Hewitt green outfit at LAX

Not even that huge Louis Vuitton tote helps the situation! (sixties inspired outfit, her high school days –inspired shoes, short black nails, high pony tail, large tote branded all over – in one word – disastrous!)

Do you find her style put together?


#1 e.varden on 02.08.08 at 5:23 am

Oh c’mon! Ya gotta love the shower-curtain rings she dandles from her ears! And the dude she’s marching with: Are those shoulder-antennas for your laptop? You could poke somebody’s eye out, Bub….

(I note her firm grip on a cell-phone – obviously in the hope of a better prospect calling in. Plus, get a bra fer godsake! Oh, you’re wearing one. Oops.)


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#3 Jessica on 05.28.09 at 1:57 am

hey “e. varden” there called hoops, every one where’s them.

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